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"Now that Ataraxia hosts all my clients' websites,
I can keep my staff focused on creative tasks that
generate revenue."

- Joyce Frustaci, owner, Juice Marketing and Design

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"I'd rather be designing than troubleshooting
hosting, email, or DNS problems for clients.
Ataraxia helps freelancers stay focused on
what they do best."

- Rob Carli, owner, Carli Art Design Group

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"While I'm busy growing my business I can't be
bothered worrying about my website. It runs fast
and it's never gone down, so I'm happy!"

- Patti Wyman, owner, Bride Beautiful Tampa Bay

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Find out how

can help your business

"Concierge-style" Managed Wordpress Hosting


Your design team should be designing… not trying to figure out how to migrate a site from dev to live or messing with DNS settings. Find out how Ataraxia Web can help your agency.

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Never diminish your hourly rate by troubleshooting hosting again! Ataraxia Web’s “concierge-style” service makes sure you’re always billable… not wasting your time.

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Business Owners

You are running your business. You don’t want to think about your website. We won’t bore you with the technical details. Just know that your site will run fast and never go down.

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ataraxia - [at-uh-rak-see-uh]
a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquility.